No. because characters usually have limited visibility. They must be escorted by someone who is trained on how to take care of them. Santa, or princess are the only ones allowed to travel and perform unescorted and prices may vary.

Instead of having a clown, customers can choose to have a party host. A party host will wear a TPR uniform and perform all the same activities as the clown. Clowns/party host are not professional face painters or balloon twisters, they only have basic knowledge of each.

A TPR clown chooses which game he/she would like to play with party guest. This depends on age ranges of the participants and terrain of the venue.

In the case there is an event in which the client would like to reschedule their performance we are understanding, and will reschedule with $20 added charge for staff fees.

Your remaining balance for your character performance must be paid 24 hours before your show. Rescheduling can be made 72 hours before your show without penalty.

Yes we currently do carry liability insurance & and can provide a certificate of liability with additional insured listed if necessary.

No. TPR's characters are not licensed. In no way do we claim to have actual popular characters. All of our characters are in the likeness of popular children's characters.

You may be charged a delivery fee, if we travel outside of the Boca Raton area. Our staff members have to pick up their show supplies at our headquarters, then return them when they are finished. To pay our staff a fair wage we offer them an allowance for travel.

If you have received a good service and you're happy with your entertainers please consider giving them a tip of approximately 20%. They work really hard to provide a satisfactory experience and should be rewarded. Cash is always appreciated, but they may not collect your remaining balance.

TPR only hires employees with childcare experience and have no past criminal offenses. Our staff is paid a fair wage. We also bring fun and games to a residential party, which many of our competitors do not. We focus on quality service and fair wages toward qualified performers.

Corporate packages is less expensive because due to the high volume of guest the characters would only need to take pictures. Residential clients require full-service entertainment, which cost us more to provide.

We like to say your party will last up to an hour. There may be a rare case in which a party will not last the full hour, but we strive to give our clients up to a full hour of entertainment.

Many things can happen on the way to a costumed character service behind the scenes. Please allow your entertainers a half hour window in case they are late for any reason. If your characters are late, they are instructed to make up the difference in time with our clients.

No. Performers in mascots can not talk. Princess are not professional singers, but will sing upon request. Santas are actors and performances may vary.

If your balance is not satisfied within 24 hours of your performance it is subject to cancelation without notice. No refund will be issued on your deposit. Performers are not instructed to take remaining balances. They only except tips.

Yes photos ops will be available, and will be used on our social media platforms and or website. If anyone prefers not to be photographed, or would like any photos removed from our social media platform or website, please inform our staff and we will gladly exclude those guests from photos or remove any necessary photos from social media or website.


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