About Tiffany

Tiffany Frederick: My name is Tiffany Frederick. I am a native of Richmond, Virginia. She moved to South Florida at the age of 14. By trade I am an English as a Second Language Educator. I spent time teaching in the Palm Beach County School District. I was intrigued by watching special moments shape children's impact on society in their later years.

As my family grew and time became more precious I made the decision to leave the "9-5" World and become a Mom-prenuer. I took my intrigue of watching children experience special moments and make that into a full time career. I now bring special moments to children and their family on a daily basis. Little did I know, this small passion of mine would turn into a huge success.

I am now a Mom-mogul. I provide costumed characters throughout the South Florida area. My team and I have become #1 in our area for bringing fun, safety, and professionalism to family friendly events. Whether a family is planning a birthday party or a company is providing a corporate event I am there to share their special moment. I am very grateful for the opportunity to provide joy to families through my costumed performers.